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Results for Breed league to Delia, all other leagues to Jean please.

News of many RECENT SUCCESSES in agility, breed & obedience can be found on the main page for each activity (below the league table link)

Contact details for all committee can be found on the 'About the RSCTA' page.

Important League News

If you haven't joined the RSCTA this year &/or joined the leagues, then now is your chance! Join before the end of August and you can use show results back to the start of this year, instead of just the normal 2 months. If you'd like to join any of the leagues and send your results please don't forget a subs of 2 (agility) or 1 (rest) per league to Delia please (club membership to Delia too). Paula can give bank details if needed.

Versatility Awards

Some new awards have been added to the Roll of Honour. Just 3 points from 2 activities are needed to get started, and a Silver Good Citizens Award will give you 2. Contact Jean with your achievements if you find the points matrix a bit confusing. Don't forget that any other dog sport (not just those listed) where individual awards or certificates are given, may also count. Please ask.

RSCTA 2017 Fun Day

A brilliant, well attended and very busy Fun Day in the Forest of Dean on 8th July. On offer: obedience, agility, rally & flyball, plus several competitions (results below). Lovely weather, great venue, good food, great company! Thanks to Pat & Abby for all their hard work. Photos on: Fun Day 17

Gate & Play competition: 1: Trace & Kilo, 2: Tina & Clifford, 3: Kay & Bridie, 4: Margaret & Troika, 5: Chloe & Echo, 6: Amy & Bumble Bee
Rally: 1: Pat & Smidgen, 2: Jean & Zac Sheltie, 3: Jean & Maddie Sheltie, 4: Margaret & Troika, 5: Paula & Eva, 6: Linda & Izzy
Sea Challenge: 1: Anne & Trent and Debbie & Sundae 2: Margaret & Troika, 3: Linda & Izzy


The Smooth Collie Obreedience team 'Smooth Operators' won the first Obreedience qualifier of 2017 at Solihull on April 2nd!!!!! An excellent start in collecting points for Crufts 2018! Team: Leonie Macdonald & Connie, Sophie Harrison & Bindi, Kate Giddings & Artie and Ann Fuller & Maggie with Ella

Update: On the road to collecting points for Crufts 2018, in June the RSCTA team came 2nd at Chalfield and 2nd again at Solihull. 2nd again at East of Englend in July!! Well done!!

The competition involves all team members doing a synchronised heelwork pattern (hardest part of all is getting the handlers to be coordinated with each other !), and then there are four set exercises with one team member performing each - a send to bed, a 'stop the dog' / play with your dog, a formal retrieve and a scent discrimination exercise with the dog retrieving its own article out of a range of other articles. A team can have up to six members.The format of the competition is that teams participate in a number of (geographically scattered) qualifiers over the year and the teams with the highest accumulated score qualify for the final at Crufts 2018.

Photo below shows the Smooth Collie Obreedience team at Crufts 2015.

    To join: The RSCTA on Facebook e-mail Pat

If you are not getting your mailings from the RSCTA please remember that many e-mail systems treat mail from new/group sources as 'spam' unless instructed otherwise by the user.  Such mail is then directed to a 'junk' mailbox to be deleted within a couple of weeks.  Please therefore look out for this problem until you know that RSCTA mail is being correctly routed to your main 'inbox'.  If you feel that mail is still not reaching you then please contact Paula. .


If you would like further details of the RSCTA please contact the Secretary, Peter Simpson. To apply for membership, see 'Membership' page

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