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RSCTA Versatility Claims and Awards

The RSCTA Versatility Awards

Copper (*)
3 points from 2 or more different columns/disciplines
Bronze (**)
5 points from 2 or more different columns/disciplines
Silver (***)
7 points from 2 or more different columns/disciplines
Gold (****)
10 points from 3 or more different columns/disciplines
Platinum (*****)
12 points from 3 or more different columns/disciplines




Fred Bloggs with Rover has won a standard class at a breed open show ( 1 mark) has won an obedience class at a companion show and has the bronze good citizen award ( 1 mark as both these are in the same box) and has a clear round in a scheduled agility class at an open show ( 1 mark). Total 3 marks claim for Copper .

Ann Other with Fido has a gold good citizen award (3 marks), has 5 clear agility rounds one of which won them 2nd in Grade 1 (2 marks as only the highest level mark in a column counts) and has gained KC RL3 title in rally (3 marks). Total 8 marks claim for Silver.

Rules for the RSCTA Versatility Awards Scheme

  1. UK events only. All points to be gained at KC recognised events (except Rally, and level 1 Agility which includes major unaffiliated shows). Shows to be KC Champ or Open unless otherwise stated. Also UKA agility shows where mentioned, ScentworkUK and ScentworkWales where shown, Paws N Music Association HTM tests.
  2. Wins in breed to count only if a minimum of 3 dogs are present in the class (level 3 & 2c) or sex (2b) or breed (2a). Multiple RCCs to count only if under different judges.
  3. Agility places only to count if rosettes were awarded for the place. Fun/luck type classes are not included. .
  4. Anyone doing Flyball, Herding, Parkour, Search & Rescue or any other activity or event not covered above is welcome to submit evidence to the committee. This will enable a decision to be made on an appropriate score related to the above activities.
  5. Changes in any discipline which are likely to cause the need for adjustment of points related to the other activities can be notified to the committee with evidence.
  6. Points should be gained while the dog is owned/part-owned by the claimant.
  7. Once all suitable evidence has been provided the Committee's decision is final

For all queries, contact Delia Moores (see 'About')

RSCTA Versatility Scheme - Points Matrix - Roll of Honour (Silver, Gold & Platinum) - Roll of Honour (Copper & Bronze)