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Hoopers League

The RSCTA Hoopers League Table 2024

Lizoni Smoking Gun (S)
Hannah Mitchell

Rough (R); Smooth(S)
Last updated: Mar 4th 2024


Hoopers League Points System

Place at Hoopers Shows (if awarded) - all levels. Canine Hoopers UK, UK Hoopers or similar
any other rosetted place
Add 10
for clear round whether placed or not
Add any distance handling points gained
eg super bonus/challenge lines/jackpot
Total of these is then your points score for that class

The RSCTA Hoopers League Rules

1 Cost to join is 1 per dog per year. Please send to the Membership Secretary/Treasurer
2 Results must be claimed within 2 months of their attainment, 4 months to end of April.
3 New RSCTA members can join the league at any time up to the end of April and results will be backdated to the beginning of the year
4 It is the handlers' responsibility to send in their results either by post or e-mail.  Please send show name, date and details of awards gained.
5 Final results at the end of the year must be received no later than 10th January of the following year
6 At the end of the year rosettes will be awarded to the top dogs in the league

(If you think your results are incorrect or incomplete, please contact league administrator for a copy of the Results Spreadsheet.)


A non-impact form of agility, which utilises a series of ground-level obstacles: hoops, barrels, tunnels and mats. Instead of physical dexterity, the challenge of Hoopers is entirely focused on the ability of the handler and the dog to work together as a smooth flowing team with extra points for distance handling. www.caninehoopersuk.co.uk

Blamorder Mischief Maker, Tersurani Highlander