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Kennel Club Agility Warrant

The Kennel Club offers a whole range of Agility Warrants, with Platinum and Diamond added in 2016 to the exisiting Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Kennel Club Agility Warrant Roll of Honour

Congratulations to the following Rough & Smooth Collies who have all successfully gained an Agility Warrants!


Ch Dark Motif from Misstoff AW Gold (Smooth Collie)
Jean Tuck

Jopium Touch of Velvet at Sabresnipe AW Gold (Rough Collie)
Karen Hugo


Alanita Murphy's Original AW Silver (Rough Collie)
Paul & Penny Sensky

Linamac Sky at Sabresnipe AW Silver (Rough Collie)
Karen Hugo

Cownbred Shecan Cancan AW Silver (Smooth Collie)
Sarah Davis

Yeldust Trouble at the Top AW Silver (Smooth Collie)
Tiggy Hiscocks

Plaisance Olive La Belle AW Silver (Smooth Collie)
Ann Fuller

Triburle Starbucks AW Silver (Rough Collie)
Pamela Kane

Wicani Butterfly AW Silver (Rough Collie)
Pamela Kane

Sabresnipe Pure Indulgence AW Silver (Rough Collie)
Karen Hugo


Foxearth Speckled Wood AW (Smooth Collie)
Marie Douglas

Jess Shecan Boogie AW Bronze (Smooth Collie)
Sarah Davis

Blamorder Back With A Dream AW Bronze (Smooth Collie)
Abby Lusty

Blamorder Just Like Magic AW Bronze (Smooth Collie)
Debbie Williams

Please let Jean know if your R/S Collie gains one of the warrants.

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